The System


The FreeBite System contains different components and there is no fixed rule as to how to employ them. For instance, I may start a patient on the FreeBite air. Air is a compressible medium and cushions hard occlusal contacts softly which is often a welcome relief from harsh contacts between teeth. After a week or two we may switch to a FreeBite balance. Water is non-compressible and provides more support to the mandible while it can flow freely between the left and right chamber, balancing the bite.

"CMD“ stands for "Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction“ and denotes a kind of universal FreeBite shape while "CCD“ stands for "Cranio-Cervical Dysfunction“. A FreeBite CCD will provide much more support being higher throughout and having a more pronounced wedge shape. Both shapes are also available in extra low versions, except for the FreeBite air CMD, where an extra low air filling could be easily compressed between the back teeth until the casing would come into direct contact.

The FreeBite solid consists of lateral bite rims which are adaptable only when heated in a hot water bath. They are connected by a stainless steel wire which assists in handling the appliance. The plastic bite rims slowly harden at mouth temperature while they mold to the teeth. The FreeBite solid serves as both, a bite registration and a temporary bite splint for testing the resulting bite by the patient before dental casts are mounted and potentially expensive orders are placed with the dental laboratory.

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