Free Bite Registration

The Free Bite Registration (FBR) is the quickest and easiest way to capture the mandibular position after initial treatment by wearing the FreeBite air and/or balance has resulted in a relief of the symptoms and a stable occlusal relationship. Essentially, it is accomplished by going directly from a FreeBite air or balance onto a heated and softened FreeBite solid without a chance for proprioception to re-orient to the existing habitual occlusion. This method works best in patients who have developed a stable occlusal relationship when wearing a FreeBite air or balance and who do not display significant coordination problems and/or insecurities concerning mandibular posture. Head and body posture must be carefully monitored by the operator and should be upright, but not strained.

Whether a patient has established a consistent pattern of vertical mandibular movement can be readily tested by having him tap down on his FreeBite air or balance while looking out for lateral or sagittal variations in mandibular posture. If such variations are observed, the Indexed Bite Registration technique may be preferable. The advantage of the Free Bite Registration technique is completely unimpeded freedom of mandibular movement, since the patient does not have to aim into the anterior index, but can move his mandible completely freely and lightly while tapping down onto the softened plastic bite rims of the FreeBite solid. After they have hardened, the resulting mandibular position can be carefully checked and corrected if necessary by reheating the plastic bite rims superficially or a bit more deeply, depending upon the time of immersion into hot water.

Here is a detailed step by step protocol for the Free Bite registration.

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