Wearing the FreeBite

The shape of the FreeBite air and balance has been carefully designed to accommodate all sorts dental arch shapes. „One size fits all“ is always a difficult concept, but we have come close to actually achieving it by not fixating the FreeBite in the mouth. For those accustomed to conventional watersplint, this is a very different concept which takes a moment to get used to. Think of the FreeBite as a toy which loosely sits in the mouth and catches the mandible supportingly when it needs to brace, for instance during swallowing. The reflex we want to feed into the mandibular movement system is that joint compression is not necessary to achieve stable support, because the posterior teeth will automatically be supportet during every bite. The tongue and cheeks learn very quickly to position the FreeBite such that the posterior teeth contact it symmetrically left and right. 

Quite counterproductive would be clenching your teeth onto the FreeBite. This would exhaust chewing muscles and produce anything, but relaxation.


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