Indexed Bite Registration

The idea behind the Indexed Bite Registration (IBR) is to capture the result of the initial therapy with the FreeBite air and balance after Temporo-Mandibular Joints are decompressed, chewing muscles are relaxed and a reproducible mandibular position has been established. This may require wearing the FreeBite air and/or balance for a few days or weeks, until symptoms related to the bite are relieved. The resulting mandibular position can be verified by noting the relation of the upper and lover dental midlines as well as the horizontal overjet when wearing the FreeBite, or by computer assisted electronic measurements. 

The objective of the bite registration is to capture the mandibular position associated with the relief of symptoms and to orient dental casts in the articulator in exactly the same relationship. Next to the horizontal dimensions of mandibular position, the vertical dimension is of equal importance, since articulator artifacts may distort the relation of the dental casts if the vertical dimension is changed there. This is particularly true for gnathologic articulators designed to reproduce hinge axis movements and where the terminal hinge axis is used for reference purposes.

This is where the FreeBite air comes into the bite registration: It is compressible and available in different heights so that the patient can bite down exactly to the desired vertical dimension when the bite is indexed which is accomplished by applying fast setting silicone between the front teeth. As this happens, the mandible is symmetrically braced against the air cushions of the FreeBite, stabilizing the Temporo-Mandibular Joints and preventing joint spaces from collapsing.

Once the incisal index has hardened, The FreeBite air is removed from the mouth and fast setting silicone is applied between the posterior teeth as the incisors are moved back into their impressions in the anterior index. A detailed step-by-step protocol is given here.

The difference between the bundle-priced Bite Registration Sets lies in the height of the FreeBite air contained: 

  • The Bite Registration Set „High“ contains a FreeBite air CCD. Recommended for a substantial increase of the vertical dimension with very deep bites (>¾ vertical overlap of the incisors in habitual occlusion).
  • The Bite Registration Set „Medium“ contains a FreeBite air CCD low. Recommended for a moderate increase of the vertical dimension with deep bites (½ vertical overlap of the incisors in habitual occlusion).
  • The Bite Registration Set „Low“ contains a FreeBite air CMD. Recommended for cases where a minimal change of the existing vertical dimension is desired.

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